Welcome to the Peninsula

Asuthil Peninsula, or "AP" is a text-based role-play where you a thrown into the deep-set, many-terrain paradise that has begun to thrive. There is fertile land that differs greatly; glaciers to deserts, jungles to swamps, forests to mountainous plains, fields that stretch for miles to deep and howling valleys. Many races call the Peninsula home, and tolerance for others is high. Morals are very hardened and most are raised with ideal parameters. Bandits and raiding parties are the only main threat in the heartland of Asuthil, while further East something dark and sinister begins to grow in power day-by-day. - 178639 clouds forest landscape matsumoto noriyuki nobody original scenic sky tree water waterfall

The coast of Hellis

Rumours of a race that can survive the harsh sandstorms and heat of the desert spread far and wide across the Peninsula, and the desert slowly begins to creep along the West, consuming all life and fertility as it goes. At the center of the desert lies Mount Apathis, the creator of the Peninsula and the fiery center of the land as we know it. According to the rumour, a deep monster from beneath has arisen, and with it spawned a never seen before race clouded with mystery. All that go East are said to never return, and small communities and civilizations continue to thrive, building their defenses in case the cataclysm hiding in the blood-soaked sand rises and releases it's wrath.

A select few have been given very strong power and potential to stop the apocalypse, but whether they use said power for personal gain or the better of Asuthil Peninsula as a whole is up to them. Knowledge, strength, wealth and all the secrets of the land are at stake.. who will be the first to monopolize the playing field and give it their all?

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